Product Review: 'Pacific Exfoliating Cleanser' by True Nature Botanicals

Whenever I try a new product by True Nature Botanicals, I am always beyond impressed with the results; even after just a few days of using it;  their Pacific Exfoliating Cleanser is no exception.  TNB's unique ability to combine high quality, all natural ingredients with the science behind flawless, healthy skin, has quickly put them at the top of my list for favorite skincare brands! 

This versatile, gentle cleanser is perfect for all complexion types; especially dry, sensitive and/or blemish prone.  It has a light, fresh, citrus-like scent that I absolutely love.  

One of my favorite things about this cleanser, is that it doesn't foam while you're using it.  Most cleansers use harsh surfactants or sudsing agents that can actually "over-cleanse" your skin; resulting in irritation, or an imbalance in your complexion's natural sebaceous oil production.  Your skin naturally produces oil as an environmental protective barrier... when that oil is overly-cleansed away by harsh ingredients, your complexion is either left feeling dry and irritated, or an excess of oil is produced in attempt to compensate for what has been removed too quickly, which can cause breakouts and clogged pores.

So what's in this cleanser that makes it so amazing?  TNB's patented mushroom extract, combined with a super gentle skin polishing scrub...  

Key Ingredients
Actifoliate™"This patented fungal extract combines peptides with polysaccharides derived from cell wall components of the Mucor Miehei mushroom. While each component on its own has modest exfoliating activity, when combined they act synergistically to provide an irritation-free, intense exfoliating effect that increases stratum corneum replacement rates by more than 25%."

Adzuki bean powder"This very fine powder gently exfoliates with a scrubbing action. It’s effective at loosening dead skin cells without causing the slightest irritation. In fact, it imparts a refined polish to the skin."

Chamomile powder and Manuka honey: "Both included for their calming, anti- inflammatory and skin smoothing properties."

* Trial Results (Source: Active Organics): "As evidenced by this chart, Actifoliate delivers the exfoliating power of lactic acid without the potential irritation."

The results?  Clean, soft, fresh feeling skin that looks radiant, balanced and smooth!  Like all of TNB's products, this cleanser contains absolutely zero harmful ingredients:  No toxic preservatives, fragrances, harsh detergents or sudsing agents, or drying anti-microbials (such as alcohol). 

I highly recommend this cleanser; especially to my clients who have sensitive, dry, combination, blemish-prone, or aging skin.  You can purchase the Pacific Exfoliating Cleanser in a 4oz. frosted glass pump bottle for $48.00 by clicking here.  To learn more about True Nature Botanicals and browse their line of Pacific Skincare products, visit their website.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

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