Product Review: Solid Perfume in Scent 'Noble Citrus' by True Nature Botanicals

True Nature Botanicals recently launched an incredible line of natural solid perfumes.  These scents were created by some of the most respected and experienced perfumers (yes, that’s totally a thing!), who work in one of the oldest and most prestigious fragrance houses in France.  Only 100% natural “noble materials” are used to craft these luxurious solid perfumes.  Noble materials are considered to be the purest and most concentrated forms of precious sources such as orris, tuberose, and liquid amber.  Since no two roses smell the same, no two solid perfumes will smell identically… creating a truly unique, complex and authentic scent.

Currently, the line features three different scents: 

Noble Citrus


When you mix California innovation, with the art and tradition of French perfumery, you get a must-have beauty product that captures the true scents as they exist in nature, without any synthetics or toxins.

You can even sample all three before purchasing one, by requesting sample scents via their website.  After I received the hand-dipped, scented sample strips, I had a hard time deciding between the three since they all smell amazing.  They all had their own unique, subtle, yet complex characteristics.  I ended up choosing the Noble Citrus, because I tend to lean more towards fresh and bright scents that have a sweet yet earthy balance.

The Noble Citrus solid perfume features primary notes of Bergamot, Orris, and Cypress.  The scent’s description on the website is refreshingly accurate… "stroll through a perfect Pacific orange grove surrounded by fragrant cypress trees, twisted and tangled by the cool western winds.”

So what are the benefits to solids versus sprays or liquids?

Longer lasting – solid perfumes are known to hold their natural scents far longer than spray perfumes.  When the solid perfumes come in contact with the warmth of your skin, the perfume’s complexity is and authentic notes are revealed. 

Easy & Convenient Application – one of my absolute favorite features of solid perfumes versus liquids, is the ability to carry them with you for quick and easy on-the-go application. The adorable reusable compact is small enough to fit almost anywhere…  and even though the compact appears teeny-tiny, a small amount of product goes a long way.  When you are ready for more though, True Nature Botanicals makes it easy to refill your compact.  Simply replace the empty tin with one of the refills available on their website.  Each refill tin comes with a wand, for easy removal of the used tin. I love being able to subtly refresh or intensify my perfume in the matter of seconds.

Customizable Intensity – another great thing about these solid perfumes is their versatility and buildable intensity.  Liquid and spray perfumes are often difficult to control the intensity of their scent, whereas solid perfumes allow you to create any level of intensity to fit your preference or mood, by simply applying more or less.  My favorite application spots are on my neck, right below/behind my ears and on the nape.

I definitely would recommend this to any of my clients.  The high quality ingredients, easy application and overall chicness have made it one of my favorite, must-carry beauty products!  You can purchase the True Nature Botanicals Solid Perfume compact and any refill tins directly from their website.  And like I mentioned earlier, you can request a free scent sampler if you want to smell them all before deciding on one.  Be sure to also check them out on Facebook and Twitter

merci beaucoup,