Product Review: 'Lavender + Chamomile Organic Facial Toner' by CARU Skincare Co.

This toner takes all sorts of good care of your skin… it is ideal for dry, sensitive or weather-damaged skin, but makes a great daily toner for all complexion types.  

Only 100% natural and organic hydrosols, (soothing floral waters), make up this powerhouse healing toner.  

While the Lavender Hydrosol calms and soothes, the Chamomile Hydrosol repairs skin cells, leaving your complexion feeling refreshed, and looking radiant. 

CARU’s entire line of organic toners are formulated to restore your skin’s pH after cleansing.  I have incredibly sensitive skin, and found their soap and toner to be gentle and nourishing.

This Lavender + Chamomile toner makes for a fabulous “after sun” or “wind-burn” remedy spray because of its ultra soothing and healing properties. 

One of my favorite things about CARU’s products, aside from how well they work, is their subtle and pleasant scents.  This particular toner has an herbal yet sweet and slightly floral scent.  It’s 100% free of alcohol and preservatives, so again, perfect for super sensitive and/or dry skin.

Do keep in mind that since CARU’s toners do not contain any preservatives, they have a 6-8 week shelf life once opened.  This is a personal preference, but I like to keep my toners refrigerated so it feels extra refreshing when I apply it.

Speaking of, if you’re not familiar with using toners, you simply apply them to a freshly cleansed face, in a circular motion, with either a cotton ball or cotton round/square.  Since this toner comes in a spray bottle, you can also mist it directly onto your skin and let it sit for a little extra hydration.

Another thing I love about this company is their packaging.  All our their toners come packaged in a frosted glass bottle with a natural fine mist spray top. The adhesive label is made from a tree-free and water-free process paper, that is both recyclable and photodegradable… fabulous! 

You can purchase this or any of their other toners in a 2 fluid oz. bottle for $18/each.  A little bit goes a long way, so if you’re looking for a remedy for your dry or sensitive skin, this is a fabulous find. 

To learn more about CARU Skincare Co. or purchase any of their products visit their website. You can also find them on FacebookPinterestTwitterTumblr & Etsy