Interview Feature: Indie Lee, founder of Indie Lee Skincare

Meet Indie, (again!), I interviewed Indie Lee a few years ago when I first discovered her incredible line of 100% natural skincare products. Let me catch you up if you’re not familiar with her products… this completely fabulous, eco-chic skincare guru launched her line of all natural products after courageously conquering a life-threatening brain tumor believed to be caused by exposure to environmental toxins. Indie awoke from surgery on April 22nd, 2009 and vowed to be an advocate for nontoxic, safe products, and she’s been raising awareness and the standard of quality in the skincare industry ever since! Indie Lee products have been featured in top beauty and style sources such as New York Magazine’s The Cut with Christina HanRachel Zoe’s The Zoe Report,Glamour MagazineSeventeen MagazineRefinery 29, and many more! 

What do you find inspires you most when creating new products? {Indie} “I often look for what’s missing in my arsenal of skincare products! But I always listen to what my fans and friends are talking about and join in the discussion of what they might be missing. The feedback I typically hear is that they can’t find it in the market place already or they aren't sure of the product because it isn't made by a brand they trust. If they are looking for an eco-chic alternative to a product they might have already been introduced to and are looking to me to create it, then that becomes a huge motivator for me!”

Which new products have you added to the line? Which are you favorite and why? {Indie} “Our most recent product launch is the Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm, (.5oz, $42), which was designed for the sensitive skin around the eyes. It’s truly a multi-tasking miracle balm that diminishes dark circles and increases the skin’s elasticity. The powerhouse ingredient in it is an oil extracted from the calendula flower, which is known for boosting skin’s resilience and acting as a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s also packed with moisturizing mango seed butter, calming lavender, and the ultra-effective Squalane oil. This pot of (mari)gold is already a fan favorite, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.”

What are some of your favorite ingredients to incorporate into your products? {Indie} “…Squalane, Squalane and Squalane! It really is an amazing ingredient with so many benefits.  Squalane Oil is perhaps nature’s perfect moisturizer. It is ideal for the face, hands, or any part of the body in need of some serious rejuvenation and replenishment. It has proven to be especially effective for those with sensitive skin or issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dry and rough skin, skin cracks, dermatitis, and rashes. The human body actually produces Squalane naturally – our skin needs it to retain moisture and reduce the signs of aging. However, as we age, Squalane production decreases significantly (especially after the age of 23). Using a product with the ingredient can help combat the side effects (wrinkles, dryness) that come with this natural decrease.”

Which original products are still, and will always be your favorite, and why? {Indie} “…The Indie Lee Citrus Body Scrub – it’s off the shelves right now, but will be returning this fall for the fans! Stay tuned for details!”

What are your current, and long term goals the brand? {Indie} “Right now the big concentration is on distribution! We’ll be announcing a few exciting partnerships this fall, giving the brand even more national exposure. We’ll also be debuting three new products in September, one more in November and then two next January!”

Do you see the line expanding to any other products aside from hair and skincare? (Indie Lee laundry detergent, soy candles, lipstick… anyone!?) {Indie} “Yes – I’ve been working on a few product lines as extensions to the skincare collection, but nothing to let you know about just yet!”

If you had to pick 5 words to describe your line/brand what would they be? {Indie} “Eco-chic, honest, aspirational, obtainable, transparent.”

Which specific products do you recommend for dry skin, oily/acne prone skin, aging skin, and sensitive skin?  {Indie} “Most of the Indie Lee products work for a variety of skin types, which is part of why they are all so amazing! For example, the Squalane Facial Oil, (1oz, $32), helps with skin hydration, evenness of tone, improvement of pore size, improvement in skin conditions and fading of sun spots and blemish marks. Many people are afraid of applying oils to the face for fear of break outs and clogging pores. That’s due to bad experiences with mineral oils which are made of large molecules that don’t actually absorb into the skin – they sit on surface of skin. However, the Squalane Facial Oil mimics the skin’s production of oil, sending a message to your sebaceous glands to slow down and normalize production of oil. It absorbs right into the skin without leaving you greasy or clogging pores and is great for sensitive skin, normal skin, and oily skin.”

What are some of your favorite green brands/companies and why? (clothing, makeup/cosmetics, household products, etc.) {Indie} “I’m absolutely head-over-heels for MOTT50.  The brand offers a full line of clothing items that are also rated for sun protection; chic clothes and accessories that double as skin protection. I mean brilliant! For makeup, I’ve been recently turned on to ILIA Beauty: I love LVX Nails… and of course my skincare-soul-sista will always be Britta Aragon, who founded CV Skinlabs.”

Let’s end with a little Indieism about life, love and happiness… {Indie} “It’s when you are truly happy within, you can make the greatest (positive) impact outward.”

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