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I recently discovered The Chic Sitewhich is completely awesome by the way! ...and I stumbled across this super lovely DIY bath recipe by author Brandee Lee!

I love all things Lavender, so when I saw this Lavender & Milk bath recipe I had to try it.  Lavender is the perfect remedy to melt away stress  and regain balance.  I also love how this recipe incorporates coconut oil and milk!  Both provide skin calming, nourishing and moisturizing benefits.  When you combine everything together, you basically get the perfect recipe for the ultimate R&R experience!  Enjoy! 

"You don’t need to steal away for hours to reap the relaxing benefits of a bath. Just 20 minutes with this healthy and hydrating bath recipe and your winter scales skin will be clean and soft. Try it once a week if you can sneak it in to help keep dry skin at bay during these winter months. Brandee

The Ingredients Sound Delicious But What Do They Do? }

Epsom Salt — Relaxes sore muscles.

Lavender Essential Oil — Promotes relaxation.

Coconut Oil — Hydrates and softens skin.

Baking Soda —  Acts as a cleanser and has anti-fungal properties.

Milk —  Lactic acid helps remove dead skin cells and soothes irritated skin.

Lavender Buds — Simply because it makes you feel fancy & the spa-like atmosphere reduces stress.

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