Product Review: 'Lavender Milk + Oatmeal Bath Soak' by Revive Bath + Body

This bath soak is the perfect remedy for soothing and balancing winter skin, or just to unwind and renew your mood.  I adore anything that involves Lavender; it is an 'adaptogen,' which means it encourages your body to relax regain balance.  Lavender essential oil also has antibacterial properties so it's especially useful for skincare!  

In addition to Lavender Oil and Lavender Flower Buds, this ultra rich bath soak combines Buttermilk Powder and Colloidal Oatmeal to moisturize, soothe and protect your skin... all while relaxing and restoring your mind and body.

Sprinkle a small amount into a hot bath, mix with your hands to completely dissolve the powder, then enjoy!  Make the most out of your bath time experience by drying off with your fluffiest towel, straight out of the dryer, then moisturize from head-to-toe with you favorite all natural cream or oil(s). 

You can get Revive's Lavender Milk + Oatmeal Bath Soak in a 16oz. jar for $14.99 directly from their website, or you can search for a retail location near you

To learn more about Revive Bath + Body, be sure to visit their website, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter

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