Product Review: 'Natural Loofah Soap' by by Revive Bath + Body

Meet Revive Bath + Body; an Atlanta born and based line of handcrafted, luxurious, all natural and eclectic skincare products.  This is my first product review from their line, but I have several others on the way!  

Revive's All Natural Loofah Soap comes in 11 different scents/blends.  I love anything that adds convenience to function, which is exactly what this soap does!  Its all natural circular loofah sponge (derived from the loofah gourd), is embedded in the soap.  Use this bar in a circular motion, and feel as it cleanses and renews your skin, while simultaneously buffing away dead skin cells that can cause your complexion to look dull and feel rough...  Your skin will feel ultra soft, clean and nourished!  Finish up your skincare routine with your favorite all natural moisturizing cream or oil blend, and enjoy a fresh, glowing complexion!  

This multi-tasking soap comes in a 3.6oz circular bar that is 100% natural and vegan, and certified by the Leaping Bunny Company.  You can order directly from Revive Bath + Body's website for $7.99/each, or search for a retail location near you by clicking here... 

I'm a huge advocate for small and local businesses,  so when I stumbled upon this homegrown Georgia company, I was excited to learn more about their mission and their products.  In addition to the company's founder and owner Caitlin becoming acclimated as a business owner mid-college like myself, I also strongly admire Caitlin's humanitarian contributions.  In 2014, Revive Bath + Body partnered with a local organization called HavenATL.  HavenATL provides job skill training to women exiting the human trafficking trade in Atlanta, Georgia.  Caitlin says, "I want to leave an impact wherever I go; whether that means smiling at a stranger or simply providing people with great soap.  Join with me to help the women of Atlanta and smiling... A LOT." 

To learn more about Revive, visit their website, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter